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Whether you are about to buy or build your first house or you have one, bit want to perform an extensive repairs there is one crucial thing you need to take into account, that is how to make the building warm.
And by warm, we do not mean cozy and snug – of course, it is also an important thing, but not as much as creating an interior with a proper heating system.

Choosing and implementing a good heating system is one of the most important decisions one has to make while they build or refurbishing their houses; it is a decision which results will bear fruit even years after finishing renovation.

To put it simple – if you choose unwisely you will surely have to deal with problems such as mould, moisture, dampness, high bills or permanent chill inside the building. Not a pleasant situation that may even turn against you and your family’s health!
Do not threat, though!

We, Marson Engineering, have an answer for that – with a little bit of help provided by our skillful and experienced workers you will implement only smart and convenient solutions into your house.

There are a variety of technologies available for making your house or apartment a warm and cozy place and with our specialists you will surely choose one that suits your needs best.

A longside traditional heaters and boilers that are preferred by most of people there are other options for both modern and classic interiors. For example, heating system may be now installed in the floor.

You may also choose between wood or pellet heaters that can be easily arranged into one’s interior, so they look more like a decoration than an eyesore (the way they looked like in the past).

If you share a bigger space where a small room may be separated we will help you to choose and install an energy-efficient and durable heating pump.

If you live in an apartment block we will advise you what solutions you may use to avoid high energy bills and dampness on the walls.