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Our Vision

Interior design is not only craft, but also art. For people who deal with building, constructing and designing stuff on a daily basis this particular duty should not only stand as a way to earn money, but also as a challenge and opportunity to develop their skill and passion.
As a professional company we fully understand that fact and that is why we hire experienced handymen dedicated to their work.

A skillful handyman is able to literally do something out of nothing, whether it is about changing color of the tiles in your kitchen or transforming an old armchair into a multifunction piece of furniture.

There are lots of people who like to tinker in their spare time and they often create magnificent things in the process. It is not always possible and wise, though, to take up repairing and renovating task on your own, as some of them, especially major house repairs, requires a lot of knowledge and expertise.

In such cases there is no better option than to contact Marson Engineering, a company who is really into hiring talented handyman. A range of services we offer differ from small repairs, heating adjustments, plumbing to more complex ones, as carpentry, loft conversions, or interior extensions.

Also, we always advise our customers in many moments, as house renovation is often paved with difficult choices – but with our experienced workers you will only make proper decisions!

Every interior can be transformed into a convenient, opulent and fashionable place. Sometimes even a minor alteration gives a new life to otherwise dull and boring place.

If you feel you need such a change or you just need to have some minor or major repairs to be done in your apartment, do not hesitate to contact us – we will gladly provide you with our assistance.